She dating hitler

Eva Braun and Hitler

Inga Andrews' journey to Internet celebrity status on rht-wing websites began in Nazi Germany.

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It's a lengthy story that begins with her birth, in 1940, in Dusseldorf, and ends with her story being trumpeted on conservative clickbait sites as evidence that the new president of the United States is not the reincarnation of Hitler.

If You Wouldn't Bang <em>Hitler</em>, You're A Prude Thought Catalog

If You Wouldn't Bang Hitler, You're A Prude Thought Catalog

And that such a comparison is even made dismays her and is an indication of what has happened to our level of political discourse – and simply, as she puts it, what's happened to this country over the course of her lifetime. Her father, Heinrich, had been drafted into the German army.

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He never wanted to serve in the military, and he went AWOL. Her mother, Meta, was only 19 when Inga was born, and when her husband went off to war, she had to work.Time Travel To-Do List - McSweeney's Internet

She dating hitler:

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